• Handmade Organic Curry Powder Masala

    Organic Curry Powder Masala:

    Ingredients: *Green Cardamom, *Cumin, *Cloves *Bay Leaves, *Coriander, *Ginger, *Turmeric *Fenugreek, *Fennel, *Mustard Seeds, *Chili, *Pepper, *Chickpeas

    * Organic ingredients


    Curry Powder Masala is the most recognized spice in all of India, this 100% organic fusion of flavors gives way to the best Indian curry recipes in one beautifully crafted masala blend.


    Why is each blend I make different and better for you?

    • Each blend is made fresh on your order.
    • We have no salt.
    • We have zero fillers and zero garbage spices.
    • We put as much organic ingredients we can obtain from the freshest sources.
    • Shipped right away.


    How to use Curry Powder Masala?

    • Sautéing: Add oil to pan and get to medium-high heat. Add Curry Powder Masala with any early ingredients you intend to stir-fry. For example, add with garlic/onions before adding vegetables. Once you have added your main stir-fry ingredients you can then sprinkle more Curry Powder Masala towards the end of cooking to give it extra flavor.
    • Dry rub: This can be used as a dry rub as long as it has time to marinate into the dish. If you sprinkle on the dish and put the dish immediately onto a grill it will burn the seasoning.
    • Marinades: This is best used as a marinade. Add to your marinades such as yogurt, coconut milk, etc. Add supplemental spices to cater to your taste.


    Curry Powder Masala seasoning, 57 grams.

    Weight 7 oz
    Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.7 in

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    1. 5 out of 5


      It came within about a week of ordering. Opened the jar and the smell was fantastic. Milan does a great job packaging the jar.

    2. 5 out of 5


      Fresh. Love it.

    3. 5 out of 5


      Beautiful color. Thanks. food tastes great.

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